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Hilliard House Shelter


Hilliard House helps hard-to-place families overcome barriers and find housing. Barriers include poor work histories, multiple evictions and bad credit.

Hilliard House is an interim home for up to 10 adults and 20 children who are on their way to a permanent home but need a safe and supportive stopover. At the shelter, parents who face hefty housing barriers gain more control over their lives. Here they work toward self-sufficiency. During their shelter stay, many adults gain the academic and vocational training necessary for employment. Parents who have lost custody of their children are able to regain custody. Untreated mental illness is also addressed.

The vast majority of families experiencing homelessness are headed by single women, and more than half of these women and children have been victims of domestic violence and physical or sexual abuse. In addition to resolving the immediate crisis of homelessness, Hilliard House provides counseling and case management designed to help parents overcome the negative consequences of trauma.

At Hilliard House, social skills improve as the families live and eat together. They see how other adults parent their children and learn from them. As their living situation stabilizes, and as they receive support and encouragement from staff and each other, they gain the skills necessary to move into permanent housing.

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