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Building Neighbors

buildingneighborsBuilding Neighbors stands on a record of successful service. In 2013, the National Association to End Homelessness issued a Rapid Re-Housing Challenge to 32 Virginia organizations. Within 100 days and with only three case managers, Building Neighbors re-housed 32 families. That ranked third in the Commonwealth!

With a rapid re-housing approach, Building Neighbors increased the number of families served from 26 in 2012 to 40 in 2013, a 54 percent increase. It raised the percent of families staying in their home for 6 months or longer to 83 percent.  In fiscal year 2013 – 2014, Building Neighbors successfully re-housed 68 families, surpassing its goal of 55 families by 24 percent.

What makes Building Neighbors successful? It is based on a proven approach – Housing First. Collaboration with other agencies and our competent, professional staff are also keys to success. When families come to us through Homeless Point of Entry, our case managers conduct a comprehensive assessment of the families’ needs. Guided by the case managers, each family develops goals and a plan to meet those goals. Case managers check on progress, identify obstacles, and chart courses around those barriers.

Case managers maintain relationships not only with the clients but also with a network of community resources. Building Neighbors helps adults secure and keep a job, become a more confident parent, and fill gaps in education, social skills and effective coping. This assistance from Building Neighbors equips families to maintain a home and live more stable and productive lives.

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